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Blogger For Online Business
Published By xredburn on 2012-01-30 21 Views

Blogger is the best tool in the world to make a serious website for business. No, don't laugh, even though Blogger is free, it is the fastest tool to make a website run and Blogger so far has been 100% uptime all the time. With Blogger the only expense you will have is the 10$ a year for the domain and nothing else!

What can you do with Blogger? Everything. You can start an online newspaper and have as many as 100 writers writing for that website with you. If you care about quality you will not have more than 100 writers writing with you. Second, if you want to start a business to sell affiliate products, you can do so by writing a big sales letter for each product and then using an article directory like Ezine Articles to deliver traffic to you. The combination of Blogger + Clickbank + Ezine Articles is the best there is to make money online. It is even better than using Google Adwords because you do not have to pay for traffic. You can even get articles as cheap as 50 cents each which makes purchasing 1000 articles as cheap as 500$ and these 1000 articles will generate much more in sales than just 500$.

In case you want nobody to find out you are using Blogger, you can always change the icon, you can change the template to something that hides the bar at the top and you can always make your own template, although you will need to be an expert using CSS.

Finally, just in one sentence, Blogger is the best tool for serious business!

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