How To Make Money With Memes

Do you love memes? If so you can make money while having fun. Humor websites are now more popular than ever thanks to Facebook. You can take your share out of the market by creating free memes websites and blogs and get paid with advertisements.

1. Join an affiliate network or advertising program. It should be closely related to memes or at least closely related to financial topics which are the ones with the most advertising interest. I recommend that you search on Google for the best advertising program of today.

2. Start a website or blog where you will post your

memes. I really recommend Blogger or Wordpress dot org because both allow to make money from your work. Wordpress dot com does not allow advertising programs or affiliate links so stay away from it if your goal is to make money.

3. Now you need some software to create the memes. If you do not want to install software just go to an online meme maker website and start making memes

with the pictures already there.

4. You want to search for websites with pictures free of copyrights that you can use to create the memes and the funny sentences.

5. Your blog needs promotion if you want the traffic. Facebook is the most important website to promote your meme blog. You should always post to your personal wall so all your friends can see that you are making these memes.

6. Facebook Fan Page is critical to your success. You want to become famous and to get as many readers as possible and only with the Fan Page you will be able to have more than 5000 followers. Make one from the beginning so it will have more content and attract more likes. Ask your friends to post your fan page to their walls so you can get more likes.

7. Now make sure that you get a lot of search engine traffic by connecting with blogs related to yours.

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